Normal Sticker Paper vs Vinyl Sticker Paper

There are many different materials to create stickers with. The first type is paper stickers. Paper stickers are not recommended for outdoors or large sizes. This type of paper is perfect for sticker sheets! We use this for all our sticker sheets with the mini stickers. These stickers are commonly used for planners or notebooks.

The Second poplar type of Sticker paper we use is Vinyl. Vinyl stickers can be of three main types: white vinyl, transparent, and cut vinyl. All of them are stickers that are more resistant than paper ones, and they admit multiple uses. We can use them as adhesive labels on products or adhere them to laptops, motorcycles, bicycles, for the labeling of vehicle windows, or countless uses. Vinyl is a material that withstands bad weather quite well, although they are not indestructible. The fact that they remain in a very long way to the harmful effects of the sun's rays, for example, will cause them to lose the vividness of their colors gradually. But our Vinyl holds up well to the weather and UV rays!

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