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About Us


Tut & Rogue Sticker Co was inspired by my wonderful cats, amazing husband, love of art, and love for animals. Tut is a 6 year old furry bobtail and Rogue is 1 1/2 year old short hair with a very long tail.

I've been drawing since I was very little, and bought my first anime drawing book in middle school. I fell in love with Japanese art, anime, and video game RPGs. There is just something that makes you want to hug kawaii art.

I went to college for Computer Science and discovered graphic design. It was amazing how far you could take your art with the software. I designed on my free time and become proficient in Photoshop. Currently I work for an IT company, but I wanted to do more with my art. So Tut and Rogue was born. Sharing my art with the world and making them smile the same way I smile while creating it was my goal.

Customer service and quality products are important in any business. That's why I personally test all of my products. If I didn't like the end result, I certainly wouldn't sell it.

Thanks for reading! Stay Kawaii! :3