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Image by Pawel Czerwinski


Lets make it happen!

We have started a donation program! Over the last couple years our business has been growing and we want to make a positive impact. So we started a program to donate $.50 of every sticker sold to the Humane Society. We love animals and the Humane society holds a special place in our hearts along with all the animals they take care of and find homes for. 

Tracker is Updated at the beginning of every month. 



January Total Raised


April Total Raised


February Total Raised


May Total Raised


March Total Raised


June Total Raised



July Total Raised


October Total Raised


August Total Raised


November Total Raised


September Total Raised


December Total Raised


Three Cats Playing

Next tracker update

The next tracker update will be in August.

Why the Humane 

We love the humane society. They help animals all around the world. We have used them to adopt our amazing cat Cyprus. For more information please visit their site below.

Closeup of a Black Dog
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